ND Water supports a variety of organizations...

North Dakota Water Coalition

The North Dakota Water Coalition was established to complete North Dakota's water infrastructure for economic growth and quality of life. If your organization is interested in joining the Water Coalition please contact Dana Bohn at 701-223-4330.

Rainbow, Plessner

The North Dakota Irrigation Association (NDIA) is a non-profit, statewide organization composed of irrigators, potential irrigators, irrigation equipment dealers and suppliers, processors, energy suppliers, irrigation districts, businesses and other supporters of irrigation and economic development in North Dakota. It was reorganized in 2004 by a merger of the North Dakota Irrigation Caucus and the High-Value Irrigated Crops Task Force. The combined resources provided a stronger base to accomplish the mission of NDIA.

The 2018 Joint North Dakota Water Convention and Irrigation Workshop will be held Dec. 5-6 at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck. 


North Dakota Water Education Foundation

The North Dakota Water Education Foundation was created to increase understanding and knowledge about water resource issues in North Dakota.  Knowledge and understanding are essential for informed decision-making. Through the programs of the North Dakota Water Education Foundation, information about water supply and delivery, water management, water quality, and other water issues will result in wise decisions for the present and the future.


To communicate to people about North Dakota water issues.

The mission of the North Dakota Water Resource Districts Association is to support and help water managers achieve wise and effective water resource management in North Dakota. The North Dakota Water Resources Districts Association consists of 63 Water Resource Districts, which includes at least one Water Resource District in every county, and in some counties more than one.

The North Dakota Water Users Association was organized in 1959 to protect, develop and manage North Dakota's water resources.

State Water Policy

"The public health, safety and general welfare, including, without limitation, enhancement of opportunities for social and economic growth and expansion, of all the people of the state, depend in large measure upon the optimum protection, management and wise utilization of all the water and related land resources of the state." - Section 61-01-26, North Dakota Century Code

The Summer Water Tours offer a firsthand look at North Dakota’s critical water issues. Water supply and quality, environmental restoration, fish and wildlife, flood management, water conservation and more are illustrated and addressed by a wide variety of speakers representing different viewpoints during these one-day tours. Individual registration is $20 per person and includes tour transportation, meals, refreshments, informational material, and a one-year subscription to the North Dakota Water magazine.

River Road

The Upper Missouri Water Association is a non-profit regional water organization including the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The mission of the Upper Missouri Water Association (UMWA) is to protect, develop, and manage Upper Missouri water.
By working together through the UMWA, water interests can become stronger and more effective. Instead of four separate states, each with a Congressman and two Senators, we are a region with four Congressmen and eight Senators. Through unity we can accomplish our regional goals.