Board of Directors

The North Dakota Water Users Association is governed by a board of directors consisting of elected directors from nine districts, plus at-large directors. The board of directors serves as the resolutions and legislative committee. The executive vice president serves the board.

2017 Board of Directors

2017 Officers


Al Walter, Minot

First Vice President

Ken Royse, Bismarck

Second Vice President

David Lang, Sterling


Cary Backstrand, Bismarck

Executive Vice President

Michael Dwyer, Bismarck


Ryan Ackerman

Richard Axvig

Jeff Frith

Carlyle Hillstrom

Larry Kassian

Creg Larson

Mary Massad

Dennis Reep

Kenny Rogers

Gary Thompson

Jeff Volk

Monica Zentgraf


Garland Erbele, ND State Engineer

Carter VanderWal, ND Irrigation Association

David Ashley, ND Water Resource Districts Association

Duane DeKrey, Garrison Diversion Conservancy District

Eric Volk, ND Rural Water Systems Association


Michael Dwyer, ND Water Users

Miranda Hoffert, ND Water Users

Hannah Straw, ND Water Education Foundation

Julie Ellingson, ND Water

Shauna McNaughton, ND Water

Robin Pursley, ND Water

Julee Farnsworth-Ritz, ND Water

District I

Gary Rust

Roger Gunlikson*

Tyler Tjelde

District II

Tom Klein

Al Walter*

Maurice Foley

District III

Duane Ash*

Brian Volk

Sherwood Haakenson

District IV

Ben Varnson

Charles Vein*

Ken Vein

District V

Arv Burvee

Sean Fredricks

Chad Engels*

District VI

Mike Tweed

Norman Haak*

Dave Koland*

District VII

Ken Royse*

Terry Fleck

David Lang*

District VIII

Ed Grunett*

Harold Gaugler

Gary Meyer

District IX

Don Urlacher

Larry Stang

Larry Bares*

* Executive Committee