Upper Missouri Water Association

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The Upper Missouri Water Association is a non-profit regional water organization including the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The mission of the Upper Missouri Water Association (UMWA) is to protect, develop, and manage Upper Missouri water.

By working together through the UMWA, water interests can become stronger and more effective. Instead of four separate states, each with a Congressman and two Senators, we are a region with four Congressmen and eight Senators. Through unity we can accomplish our regional goals.

Members of the Upper Missouri Water Association include all types of large and small businesses, individuals, farmers, ranchers, irrigators, engineers, contractors, companies, rural electric and other cooperatives, irrigation districts, rural water systems, cities, and other organizations who are concerned about Upper Missouri water.

The 2016 Upper Missouri Water Assoication's annual conference will be held Oct. 17-18 at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish, S.D.

2016 UMWA Draft Agenda.pdf

Upper Missouri Registration Form 2016.pdf





The Upper Missouri Water Association has nine priority goals:

  • Communication and education of projects, issues and programs in Upper Basin states.
  • Coordination and consensus among water, power, tribal and related resource interests of the Upper Missouri.
  • Complete water development projects in Upper Basin states.
  • Support Pick-Sloan ultimate development and the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program.
  • Achieve Missouri River operation and management beneficial to upstream states.
  • Achieve solutions to Missouri River bank erosion and silt formation impacts and other water quality issues in the four states.
  • Support Missouri River recovery programs such as:
    • Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee
    • Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan
    • Missouri River Authorized Purposes Study
  • Preserve and support state water associations.
  • Work towards solving potential conflicts involving mutual river basins.

2016 Board of Directors


Norman Haak, Oakes, North Dakota

Vice President

Mick Jenniges, Oral, South Dakota

Past President

Mike Murphy, Helena, Montana



Bill Hritsco, Dillon, Montana

Mike Murphy, Helena, Montana

Ann Kulczyk, Glasgow, Montana

Dennis Miotke, Dillon, Montana

North Dakota

Norman Haak, Oakes, North Dakota

Ken Royse, Bismarck, North Dakota

Jerry Schaack, Bismarck, North Dakota

Ward Koeser, Williston, North Dakota

South Dakota

Jake Fitzgerald, Murdo, South Dakota

John Heisler, Newell, South Dakota

Mick Jenniges, Oral, South Dakota

Garland Erbele, Pierre, South Dakota


Dan Laursen, Powell, Wyoming

Sue Lowry, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bryant Startin, Powell, Wyoming

Radona Williams, Powell, Wyoming


Federal Representative

Gloria Shaw, Billings, Montana

State Water Agencies

Jeanne Goodman, Chief Engineer, Pierre, South Dakota

Todd Sando, State Engineer, Bismarck, North Dakota

John Tubbs, Director, Helena, Montana

Patrick Tyrell, State Engineer, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bureau of Reclamation

Dave Rosenkrance, Area Manager, Bismarck, North Dakota

Steve Davies, Area Manager, Billings, Montana

Carlie Ronca, Area Manager, Mills, Wyoming

Communications and Staff


The association sends out a Monthly Briefing on federal legislation, regulatory actions, and other issues concerning water.
E-mail alerts are provided periodically on the latest federal issues impacting the upper Missouri and western states.